martes, septiembre 15

Colin, Yeah, you're a bad boy. You're a bad boy

Como siempre le vemos tan "guarriplas" y hoy le vemos con ese look tan pulcro y aseado pues tenemos que sacarlo por aquí, a ver si así conseguimos dejar el club de matemos a colin que preside nuestro adorado Stewie. Es que el odio no lleva a nada bueno.

So, uh... you got the wool cap on, huh? Yeah. Yeah, I guess, you know, whatever, it's uh... 96 degrees out, you know. Better-better put on the old wool cap. Yeah. Got a lot, uh, going on under there, huh? Under, under the wool cap? Thinkin' 'bout just sideburns? Yeah. No, no, no. You're not a complete jackass. Yeah. Oh, hey, nice T-shirt. "PHRESH". And-and it's spelled with a "PH". Oh, that's fun 'cause it's usually spelled with an "F". Yeah. Oh, and you got a little tear in your pants there-- oh, that's on purpose, though, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah, you're a bad boy. You're a bad boy. Society wants your pants to be intact. But you're not just gonna listen, are you? My God this is ridiculous, I'm sorry I'm going to have to kill u...

Fuente: Celebutopia