miércoles, octubre 14

Crows Zero 2 en Sitges

But the film is also well aware of its strengths, and so Miike delivers an extra dose of epic fights with hundreds of cool-looking students involved and a powerful rock'n'roll soundtrack. And he directs those scenes with energy and steady hand, making a wonderful use of the sound to add even more power to the blows. Even though there's a lot going on screen, you never get lost and there's a clear picture of who's fighting who. One thing I missed though, is the little "Miike details" so to speak. Those unexpected camera movements or editing tricks that had become his trademark and add some flavor to the movie (for example, there's one scene in the previous film where a student goes rolling through the floor after receiving a punch, and we see only "snapshots" of his falling, creating a very nice manga-style effect). Overall, the movie has a more serious tone even it also offers some comedic moments.

Fuente: Twitch y Asia Beam