miércoles, febrero 6

Edison Chen rompe su silencio

Bueno, pobre Edison. Ha tenido que acabar pidiendo disculpas por el tema de las fotos. Y personalmente creo que sale muchísimo mejor en las controvertidas fotos que en este vídeo. Ese flequillo para abajo, no, no, no.

Today I have broken my silence.

As of this evening, the police have made significant advances towards solving this malicious crime. As from the beginning I will continue to give the police my fullest cooperation to bring the perpetrators to justice.

At this time I am not able to discuss matters related to the case, but I do feel it is my obligation to accept full responsibility and take action to help both the victims and those associated with them to heal their wounds.

In this regard, I plead with everyone to please stop forwarding the images on the internet. Furthermore, to completely rid the images from your computer. This is a small step that each one of us can take to help the innocent rebuild their lives. The priority now is for all of us to pitch in and help those in need.

Dimsum Cinema cuanta muy bien la historia y en castellano además. Aquí y aquí.

Por lo demás Edison sigue con la promoción de su carrera cinematográfica en su blog. De ahí son las primeras fotos.

Fuente: EDC