martes, febrero 12

No solo en Beijing Chic se quiere a Zhang Ziyi

Como si alguien hubiera tenido en cuenta nuestro último post sobre Zhang Ziyi y la última polémica a la que hacía refrencia una de nuestras más polémicas lectoras, en Twitch han escrito un auténtico alegato a favor de la actriz china, que en Beijing Chic suscribimos completamente. Reproducimos y nos adherimos a este manifiesto e invitamos a nuestros lectores a participar en su concurso, que casualmente y como los nuestros, no tiene premio!!

Promise, soon we’ll have a regular Twitch-O-Meter up and running again but for now lets have some more fun with a quiz, just like last week.

Only this time we feature a lady! And this is also bound to be the most controversial yet. We didn’t get any negative reactions to either Song Kang-Ho or Tadanobu Asano, everyone seems to love them. But with Zhang Ziyi

Whatever her name is, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Zi-Yi or Ziyi Zhang, I saw her first in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and was smitten. Not only did part of my brain set off my ‘babe alert’, but I also thought her to be a damn fine actress. And, to quote Ghostbusters, a “nimble little minx” as well. She’s got moves, wires or not!

A few similar roles later and I keep reading everywhere she can’t act. Huh?
When I watch a movie like Wong Kar-Wai’s “2046” (see the picture top left), statements like that really baffle me. She’s got a very expressive face and is not afraid to use it. She’s definitely not a reason to avoid a film, especially if she’s allowed to jump around.

Which means that once again, instead of the usual list I’d like to do a gallery of 5 close-ups of another one of my favorite thespians.
Guess which 5 movies they’re from and I’ll post the answers Thursday (earlier if someone has all 5 of them right).
No competition, no prizes, just for fun, try to see how far you get without using IMDB.

The “2046” pic doesn’t count as it’s a cut-out of a screenshot, but good luck with the other 5!