martes, diciembre 30

Rain discreto y adorable

El adorable Rain ha vuelto. Con lo ideal que está así vestido y así peinado. Tranquilito, sin espasmos, sin guantes ni abalorios!

Además según una cronista que estuvo allí también estuvo super maaaajoooo:

We met for the fan meeting in a beerhouse after MBC “Music Core” program.
All chairs in the hall were removed and we sit on the floor.
The fan meeting went on for about a half an hour and more than 300 fans entered into the hall.
He put on a shirt with stripes and an outer garment like a jacket.
And he gave us magic stick candy and cell phone string as a present.
He even talked much, not only did he answer immediately, but also he sang “My Girl” song.
Fan club officers promised that they would post the pictures taken on the site.
I hope many of you not to miss it for all the world that Rain would count silver fringe numbers at the upcoming 3 year-end broadcasting Awards.
Fuente: Rain Asia