miércoles, noviembre 7

Amy Winehouse, un pájaro en una jaula de oro

Faded Youth cuenta una historia clásica del rock and roll protagonizada por Amy, con su hotel, su ataque de nervios, comida volando por la habitación, cientos de dólares en daños y bueno, según aseguran un Snoopy Dog alucinado y "asustado" ante el comportamiento de la artista. La verdad es que con su look y con esa jaula de pájaros tan retro como su moño es una imagen perfecta de lo loco, loco que anda el mundo moderno. Y confirma la sospecha de que en cuanto al clima las inglesas tienen otro tipo de sensibilidad.

La historia:
Meanwhile, newly surfaced reports detailing Amy’s erratic behaviour before the star-studded show offer some insight on just why she sounded so treacherous during her near career-ending performance.

In the hours leading up to the ceremony, Amy caused thousands of dollars of damage to her room at the Olympiahalle. The troubled singer reportedly threw fruit, tables and chairs, cut an expensive rug to shreds, and tossed a plate of spaghetti bolognese at a wall.

When show host Snoop Dogg came to visit Wino before the show, he was shocked to see the state of her room.

A member of Snoop’s entourage tells the Sunday Mirror: “An hour and a half before the show, Snoop said he wanted to see Amy. When we got there, she was in a right state. Everyone, including her management, just stood there as she lobbed spaghetti up the walls.

“It went on for about five minutes - with her kicking the walls and throwing whatever she could get her hands on - even the tables and the chairs. Then she started cutting up the rug. Snoop was just standing there open-mouthed. He was pretty freaked out by it and didn’t want to hang out with her after that.”

When you’re able to freak out Snoog Dogg — a rapper whose CV includes a murder trial and a foray into porn — you know