jueves, marzo 27

Kim Ki -Duk, Dream

Nueva peli de Kim Ki-Duk . Se va a titular Dream y cuenta con la estrella japonesa Jo Odagiri. Como no podía ser de otro modo viviendo de este autor el argumento es un lío, lo dejo en inglés no sea que lo que a mi me parece complejo sea en realidad falta de fluidez en la traducción. Y aunque no me queda muy claro SÉ que va a ser un dramon. Con este hombre vivir es un sufrir.

Jin wakes up from a nightmare of a traffic accident on the way to his ex-girlfriend’s home. The dream drives him to the very spot and stumbles upon an aftermath of an accident which unfolded in the same way as his dream. The police track down the assailant and and Jin follows them to the suspect’s home and meets a woman named Ran. She denies the hit and run accusation since she was asleep the entire night. Jin explains his dream to the police and asks to be charged instead. The police dismiss him as a nut and arrest Ran. Jin is wholly convinced that there’s an unexplainable connection between him and Ran. He soon discovers that when he dreams, Ran unconsciously acts out his dream while sleepwalking ... Essentially, the two become one.

Fuente: Twitch