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Rain Phone Anycall

Así se penetra en los nuevos mercados. Un producto de calidad, una estrella de tu país con capacidad de enganche, una buena página web, un acontecimiento propicio, un buen slogan, y una considerable cantidad de dinero para publicidad.

The global cooperation partners for Olympic wireless communication (TOP) as well as Samsung, the cooperation partners of 2008 Beijing Olympic Torchbearers Relayeurs made an official announcement today, that Asian super star RAIN (Jung Jihoon) will work together with Samsung and becomes its Olympic Image Ambassador. Rain will sing a specially featured Samsung Olympic theme song and participates in the theme MV as well. On top of that, Samsung plans to release the first Samsung handphone which is named after artists, i.e. "Rain Phone", which is a publicity event to promote sales for Samsung during Olympic.

With his healthy, diligent, confident and the spirit of fighting to realise his dreams, Rain has perfectly interpreted the concepts that Samsung would like to deliver: Never stop dreaming and never give up to make the dreams come true. Hence Rain becomes the Samsung Olympic Image Ambassador, who shall express the Olympic spirits of always challenging and surpassing oneself. The cooperation of Samsung and Rain reflects the combination of Olympic games and the latest entertainment icons, where another wave of Olympic idolism is expected to come after that, and hence to encourage more harmoniuos atmosphere in 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The Olympic theme song and MV shooting shall be completed in this April. It will be used all the marketing sales events of Samsung in China and Hong Kong, in which including the Olympic Torchbearers Relayeurs activity that takes 97 days and passing by 113 cities. On the other hand, OR@S (Samsung Olympic Exhibition Hall) that is located at Olympic park will keep playing this song during competition period.

The CEO and VIPs from Samsung, Rain and Liu Xuan attended the press release and left their handprints, respecively. This event was witnessed by over 400 media personnels, consumers and the representatives of fanclubs.
In addition, Samsung also exhibited its participation history in Olympic games through video clips and photos. Rain felt honoured to be the Samsung Olympic Image Ambassador and he found this role is very meaningful. He mentioned his great concern on Beijing Olympic Games and he is always ready to contribute to make this grand event a great success. In future, he shall have more interactions with his fans in China.

Since 2005, China Samsung started a public charity project called "Samsung Anycall Hope Primary School" and this project is quite successful. Today, Rain will join this team and donated stationery and study materials to the students.

"... A Samsung theme song and MV presented by Rain is a new trial and also a new leap for us, especially in terms of Olympic marketing & sales strategy.."

In recent, Samsung Anycall has released the first model of "Rain Phone" (Samsung musical handphone SGH-F258). This model was already sold in China and Hong Kong. In the meantime, Samsung plans to release other products of "Rain Phone" series later on.

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