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Super regalo Navideño VI: Takeshi tres horas de compras!

Netease Entertainment exclusive coverage (Photo / Special Report group) January 3 is China's traditional solar terms "Laba," In the afternoon, Takeshi big handsome guy coming out of China Central Place Beijing, So cargo more than two hours. 晚上又来到三里屯的某饭店海吃宵夜,3个小时后才尽兴而归。 Sanlitun night went to a restaurant in the sea of late night, after three hours and go enjoy.

据悉,金城武此次前来北京是为了某部电影的宣传,不过忙里偷闲,他不忘去逛街扫货。 It is reported that Takeshi's come to Beijing for a film's publicity, but忙里偷闲, he did not forget to go shopping scan cargo. 下午2点,金城武乘坐一辆别克商务车来到位于北京大望路的华贸中心,车停到地下车库后,金城武乘坐电梯直奔豪华商场,饶有兴致地在各大奢侈品牌的服饰店里挑选了起来,店员见到金城武光临,均面露喜色,体贴的在旁递送衣物,有的店面甚至临时关门为其一人服务。 14:00, Takeshi traveling in a Buick commercial vehicle arrived at the Beijing Central Place Point Road, parked to the underground garage, the Kaneshiro Takeshi taken the lift went straight to luxury shopping malls, ride in the major luxury brands clothing store pick up shop to see Kaneshiro Takeshi are looked喜色, considerate in the next delivery of clothing, and some stores and even a temporary closing of its services. 金城武心情不错,一直逛到4点多才离开商场。 Kaneshiro Takeshi good mood, has been逛到4:00 left more than shopping malls.

晚上9点多,金城武忙完工作,又乘车赶到位于三里屯的某饭店,原来是赴约吃宵夜。 9:00 p.m., and Takeshi忙完work, the car arrived at a restaurant in Sanlitun, the original is a late night appointment. 忙碌一天的金城武食欲颇佳,在饭桌上也是谈笑风声,不过不知道他有没有喝传统的“腊八粥”。 Kaneshiro Takeshi busy day good appetite, talk and laugh at the dinner table is also the sound of the wind, but do not know if he has to drink the traditional "腊八粥."

3个小时后,近凌晨1点,金城武才走出了饭店,笑得颇为开心,看来夜宵吃得挺满意,为了不被认出他还戴上了黑框眼镜。 After three hours, nearly 1 o'clock, Takeshi only out of the hotel, laughing quite happy, it seems to eat supper did well satisfied, in order not to be identified, he was also wearing a black frame glasses. 夜间气温低,穿着黑色风衣戴着围巾的金城武仍抱紧双臂直哆嗦,未做停留,他钻进车内后便直奔入住的酒店而去。 Low temperatures at night, wearing a black windbreaker, wearing a scarf to get hold of arms of Kaneshiro Takeshi still shivering, not been stopped after his car went straight into the hotel to stay away. (本文来源:网易娱乐专稿 ) (This article Source: Netease Entertainment专稿)

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