jueves, abril 16

Won Bin visita Africa

Si aun no tiene koreano favorito le proponemos este: guapo, encantador, solidario, buen actor y con el servicio militar hecho. Que eso en Corea es una ventaja considerable.

While Won Bin hasn’t been doing much acting in the past few years, he has been busy as the Korean goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, and recently traveled to a relief center in the west African nation of The Gambia.

Won Bin’s two-week trip spanned from April 4 through 13, and took him to slums and schools in the capital city of Banjul, as well as a public health center and hospital in the eastern region of Basse, where malaria-preventing mosquito nets and vitamins are handed out.

Fuente: Java Beans via Soompi