martes, mayo 19

62th Cannes Festival: NE TE RETOURNE PAS, fantasía sexual de un cinéfilo europeo

Well shot and very well performed by it’s sterling cast - Marceau and Bellucci are entirely convincing as the same character, which is no easy feat - Ne Te Retourne Pas plays like nothing so much as a genre film intended for people who don’t like genre films. It dabbles in the same pool here where directors like David Lynch have been known to dive right in and, as a result, is less than satisfying for people who actually Do like genre films. The concept of perception versus reality and how that affects identity is a potent one - one that has been tackled with varying degrees of success a number of times before - and with writer-director De Van the concept receives a largely surface treatment. Pretty, well done as far as it goes, but ultimately just an appetizer dressed up as a full meal. (Twitch)

Fuente: Celebutopia