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¿Seguro que Carina está embarazada?

Pues creo que estas fotos son recientes, y tripita seguro que no tiene. Sacar en claro un dato de las informaciones de ENT.Q.Q.COM es más bien complicado pero si quieren intentarlo, aquí se queda el texto con la inestimable y retorcida traducción del servicio de Google:

According to reports, Carina Lau since marry Tony Leung Chiu-wai All Tony Leung Chiu-wai album 后,一直希望为梁家添丁,前日香港记者发现嘉玲在助手陪同下,前往中环一幢大厦看医生,被记者追问是否有喜,她急忙离开不予回答(上图)。 Has been hoped for添丁Leong, a Hong Kong reporter discovered the day before yesterday in the Ka-ling, accompanied by aides to a building in Central to see a doctor, was pressed by reporters whether or not pregnant, she hurried to leave the non-answer (above).

虽然曾多次传出怀孕之说,刘嘉玲早前出席公开活动时亲自澄清尚未有孕,更会接拍 Although pregnancy has been said many times, Carina Lau attended the earlier public activities have not been pregnant when he clarified, but also retired 电影 Film 继续工作。 Continue to work. 但前日嘉玲被发现在助手陪同下,前往中环都嗲利街一幢大厦看医生,直至下午约1时才在助手陪同下离开,当她见到记者拍照时显得极为愕然,被追问是否有喜时,她更急急低下头,不回答便上车离开。 However, Ka-ling was found the day before yesterday, accompanied by aides to have satay Central Street in a building to see a doctor until about 1 pm when accompanied by the assistant to leave, when she looked to see when the press take photographs of great surprise, was asked whether the pregnant when she hurriedly head, not to answer it on the train to leave. 嘉玲所前往的大厦内,有一间辅助生育中心,此中心提供各种宫腔内人工授精,以及体外人工授精等服务。 Ka-ling by the building to have an assisted reproduction center, the center provides a variety of intrauterine insemination and in vitro insemination and other services.


Fuente: Ent.QQ.Com