domingo, mayo 31

Mother rompe taquillas!

Si es que entre el tirón de la estrella y a poco buena que sea la peli....

Thriller film Mother has claimed the top spot for Korean movie openings this year, drawing in more than 220,000 attendees in its first day (May 28).

This breaks the April 30 opening of Park Chan-wook’s vampire-horror film Thirst, which recently won a jury prize at Cannes, which drew in 178,000 people on opening day. It also beat out Hollywood blockbuster Terminator 4, which came in second in its second week.

Fuente: Soompi
Mother has generally received praise from audiences, particularly for director Bong Jun-ho, who’s made a name for himself with films like The Host and Memories of Murder. Kim Hye-ja plays the determined mother out to rescue Won Bin, the mentally slow son accused of murder.