miércoles, mayo 14

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Takeshi no va a Cannes!

Ay que disgusto que Takeshi no va a la promoción de la película en Cannes. Este hombre me mata a disgustos! Encima la prensa taiwanesa está metiendo cizaña sobre si se lleva mal con Jhon Woo (que por otro lado no veo el problema porque a mi no me da muy buen feeling el director de Face to Face...), pero vamos que dicen los que siguen el día a día que nada de nada, que están a partir un piñón y que todo son ganas de armar jaleo.

Total que me da igual que me da lo mismo, si no va porque no se lleva bien con el director o si no va porque está ocupado rodando anuncios en otro lado, el resultado es que nos quedamos sin alfombra roja!!!!!

Yo el Rocío no lo piso en la vida!!!

TK won't attend 90% of the Red Cliff promotion activities because of differences with John Woo. TK is quoted here as not beeing satisfied with the script. He's supposed to have left the shooting early due to the expiry of his contract, although the shooting wasn't finished then. They had to use a doube/substitude in order to film a big burning boat scene.

John Woo wanted to let TK wear an armor...TK's supposed to refuse to ware one...this is btw the "proof" Apple Daily give

Fulong said that it is too early to say if he really won't participate at the promo in Japan and Korea, and he should have time around the 8th July to attend the Taiwan premiere...but right noiw he's shooting a movie in Japan and she won't tell any futher since it is convenient to reveal his whereabouts.

My two cents:
- Apple Daily is the Taiwanese equivalent to the National Enquirer
- we had to read similar stuff when TK and TL where shooting CoP. There has been a scene where TL made a kind of serious face and they made such ado about claiming TL got mad at the directors because TK had more screentime than him. Of course that was crap.
- hmmm...the picture showing TK wearing no armor...this is so ridiculous I don't want even to comment on that.
- we all know that our TK is a "discusser"...but he also once said that the director always has the final word and he would never go against it.

About TK and John Woo getting so good along together that TK, while staying at an apartel with kitchen during the shooting of Red Cliff, invited John Woo and even cooked (or invited him to cook for him) beef noodles in the apartel kitchen.

TK has a desperately wants to come to Cannes but it seems that he won't have any spare time since he's working on a cm and a new movie.
But if the Red Cliff party on 19th will become a success he will try to come???I think this is crap I'm translating here, doesn't make any sense)
TK has been a fan of John Woo since the early days and he always wanted to colaborate with him. After the shooting has finished he admires him even more. Before the shooting they communicated a lot about his character. He practised a lot (I think he means speaking Chinese fluently...ancient Chinese I guess) and John Woo has been quite relieved.

Fuente: Simply TK