lunes, mayo 12

"Red Cliff" to embark voyage to Cannes (viva, viva!)

Sí, sí, sí, alfombra roja, alfombra roja, alfombra roja! Nos vamos a Cannes, nos vamos a Cannes! ¿Todos? Ay por favor, se lo pido a la Banca Paloma que nos haga el milagro!

Producer Terence Chang and lead actor Hu Jun showed up at the press conference. Hu plays general Zhao Yun in the production by the internationally acclaimed John Woo.

It took eight months to finish all his scenes. That's longer than planned. But Wood says the extension was due to Hu's excellent performance. The battle of Changbanpo, is a key part of the plot and took up a good deal of the production time.

Hu Jun, Actor, said, "We spent about three seasons shooting that part. The director and producer were impressed by Zhao Yun, and added weight to the role. We started in the spring and filmed through summer and fall."

Posters been released to the public seems to enhance the stature of Zhao Yun. The new image sets a stark contrast to previous versions adaptations.

Hu Jun, Actor, said, "It's totally different from the image of Zhao Yun in former TV drama, which has left deep impression to the audience. The latest one has the feel of wildness. It echoes with the storyline. General Zhao Yun is subordinate to Liu Bei, ruler to the Shu Kingdom. He led on the army to battle around and had no fixed residence. I think the artistic design has made a great effort in conceiving the image."

"Red Cliff" will make its debut appearance in Cannes on Saturday the 17th, beginning with a ten-minute trailer. The film's director will lead the cast along the red carpet. The movie is set to hit Chinese cinemas on July the 10th.

Fuente: Simply TK