domingo, mayo 4

Beijing Chic sigue a Rain por medio mundo!

Seguimiento completo a las andanzas de nuestro coreano favorito (iba a poner húmedo intentando hacer un juego de palabras con su nombre pero me parece que queda vulgar), bien que como es domingo, de puente, tengo tiempo y sé que hay lectoras/es que lo agradecerán, me he propuesto hacer una agenda completa de las últimas apariciones públicas de Rain, que como pueden ver es para que le inyecten cafeína en vena. Este hombre no puede sufrir jet lag porque seguro que a su cuerpo no le da tiempo a adaptarse a la atmósfera terrestre. Tenemos dos vídeos sobre estas maratonianas jornadas de promoción y una perla que me he encontrado por casualidad y que vendrá a avivar más el enconado debate que en este foro tenemos por el look de Rain. Yo ya sabía que los pantalones verdes molaban! Lo de la chaqueta con esos pantalones y zapatos sin calcetines me lo voy a pensar hasta que sepa quien la fabrica...

Wearing D&G, Gucci, Rain Gets "Hotter"

Although he only has a supporting role in , Asian "Son of Heaven" Rain fufilled his promotional duties in Hong Kong last week and yet again brought about wild chases from the fans. Despite the fact that there are different viewpoints about his new style of wearing eyeglasses, he has received high praises for his clothing that mostly consisted of D&G and Gucci spring/summer rock 'n roll designs.

As Rain landed at the airport, he attracted screaming fans. What he had on this time was a D&G spring/summer mesh jacket matching a white tee. This combination was an inspiration from a rock 'n roll festival; a harmonions match with elements of Woodstock. The clothing was tailored to fit narrow body types, thus suiting the current body frame of the "Son of Heaven". And yet Rain finely selected two different styles of "look", showing that he is attentive to discrete details.

This season, D&G uses white, black and khaki as the essential colors; promoting single and double-button style western clothing. For the narrow body type, they have created jeans, tie-dyed denim, leather jackets; with relaxed yet stylish feel to them. This can be seen on the young and vibrant Rain.

At the press conference he wore a green pair of jeans, and pulled off a charismatic look with just a pair of dull eyeglasses. This set of trousers is Gucci's exclusive early spring design, (skipping this next statement that I'm unsure of translating), this version of pants is quite narrow, therefore not suitable for those with big buttocks or thighs. Although it was visible that Rain's body was a lot more solid, his legs were thin and he was able to pull off the "test of the super narrow pants".

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