martes, mayo 6

Mei Lanfang, primeros stills

Ummm parece un tema duro para el publico occidental, aun recuerdo la apertura de Dolls, pero yo por Ziyi me familiarizo con la opera china y con lo que haga falta. Y por Masanobu Ando no quiero decir la cantidad de cosas con las que estaría dispuesta a familiarizarme....

In this still from biopic film "Mei Lanfang," Hong Kong actor Leon Lai and Chinese mainland actress Zhang Ziyi put on opera performance. [Photo: Oriental Morning Post]

The first group still of Chinese movie star Zhang Ziyi and Hong Kong actor Leon Lai's roles in Chen Kaige's biopic "Mei Lanfang" were released Friday, the Oriental Morning Post reported.

Mei Lanfang, (1894-1961) the most accomplished Peking Opera artist of the last century, was known for playing women's roles onstage. Ever since Leon Lai was selected to play Mei Lanfang, skeptics have debated whether the young star would be able to pull off the mature role.

Zhang Ziyi plays Meng Xiaodong, Mei Lanfang's fellow performer.

According to the producer, the film will be screened simultaneously around the world at the end of this year.

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