domingo, mayo 4

Who else could be the first artist torch bearer? ¿Quién?, ¿quién?

Andy Lau que se apunta a un bombardeo no podía sino ser un auténtico entusiasta de los juegos olímpicos. Desde luego falto de forma no está. Y ahora te puedes poner el momento irrepetible de fondo de pantalla:

"When the list of 120 names of the torch bearers were announced, the list contain names of people from all range which includes sportsmen, businessmen, millionaire's children, showbiz personnels which includes artistes Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Kelly Chen, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Alex Fong and Liza Wong. Among them, Andy was picked to be the first artist to be the torch bearer".

Fuente: Andy Lau Sounds